Episode 1

Transporting Someone's Baby

Guest: Matt Sanders, Senior Executive Director of Transportation

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  • 01:52 How to Get Set to Ride the Bus
  • 03:15 Special Needs Students
  • 04:30 Track Your Students' Bus on Your Phone
  • 06:55 Safely Pass a School Bus
  • 07:44 School Bus Ride Along
  • 09:50 Bus Behavior
  • 10:40 Become a Bus Driver!



Here Comes the Bus app


The app is available to download for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Here Comes the Bus web site


Use the Cobb Schools code: 87881

Bus Route Finder




The Transportation web page on the Cobb Schools web site offers an abundance of resources for parents and students. From the FAQs to the bus route finder tool, you should be able to find all you need for your student to get to and from school successfully.

Cobb Schools Transportation Department's Main Phone Number: 678-594-8000

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