Episode 5

Cobb Schools' Sports Scene Outlook


  • Don Baker, Athletics Director of Cobb Schools
  • Eric Rauch, Editor of Cobb Sporting News

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  • [00:58] How broad is sports in Cobb Schools?
  • [02:32] Up & coming sport... flag football!
  • [03:51] Last year's teaming continuing to climb
  • [05:37] Sports diversity
  • [06:45] Who is the GHSA and what do they do?
  • [09:02] Cobb's Athletic Director's own history
  • [11:33] How big is football in Cobb?
  • [13:20] Cobb's national presence
  • [14:36] The impact of The Corky Kell Classic
  • [18:07] Softball and other Fall sports
  • [19:12] Literary? One Act Play? Competition!
  • [20:28] Cobb Sporting News is a great resource!
  • [21:32] Hangin' with the A.D. podcast

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