Episode 20

Guiding Students to Success!

Guest: Anjeannette Barker, Mentoring Matters Coordinator

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  • [00:46] Caring Motivates
  • [02:01] Family Limitations
  • [03:06] Working with The Foundation
  • [04:32] Collaborating with REACH
  • [05:43] What Mentors Are and Are Not
  • [06:50] The Matchmaker!
  • [08:40] Effectiveness of Commitment
  • [09:55] Remote or In-person
  • [13:25] Applying & Support Process
  • [14:25] Other Ways to Help Students
  • [15:38] Protections for Mentors
  • [16:28] A Big Need
  • [16:56] Success Stories
  • [17:56] The Importance of Community Connections

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