Episode 7

Cobb's Elementary Virtual Option with Dr Ashley Beasley

Guest: Dr. Ashley Beasley, Director of Cobb's Elementary Virtual Program

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  • [01:08] Why "program" and not "school"?
  • [02:11] Where are the staff members?
  • [03:17] Actual classrooms on camera
  • [04:07] COLA Lite?
  • [04:41] Keeping little ones engaged
  • [07:18] Teachers' training and professional development
  • [09:22] Teaching teams collaborate
  • [10:22] Why choose EVP?
  • [12:03] Music, PE & Art classes
  • [14:50] The greatest challenge
  • [16:46] The mascot
  • [17:58] For parents considering EVP

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