Episode 32

Adult Ed: It's Never Too Late!

Guest: Francia Browne, Director

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  • [00:42] About Francia
  • [01:50] Reasons for Adult Ed
  • [02:52] The Biggest Challenges
  • [04:48] Logistics Adults Face
  • [07:00] Test Prep
  • [09:18] Test Costs
  • [10:33] HiSET for College
  • [12:12] Hunger for Education
  • [13:00] Course Costs
  • [13:58] Paying it Forward
  • [15:36] Civic Organizations' Involvement
  • [16:04] How Fast Can It Be Done?
  • [17:42] I Love You, But Go Away
  • [19:09] Graduation Hoopla

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